Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sugar's Brother that Predisposes Us to Diabetes by Killing Chromium

High fructose corn syrup is the sweetener used in most sodas like, Coke Pepsi...etc. It is a sweet cheap substitute for sugar that drains that
kills Chromium in your body by clearing it away.

Chromium is a very important trace mineral that helps to regulate blood sugar levels in your body. If you have very little amount of chromium in your body, sugar levels in your blood start to rise.

The Washington Post published a recent story about the link between high fructose corn sweeteners and the growing numbers of diabetic sufferers.

People taking Chromium supplements watch a drop in their blood glucose level after a short while of taking it. Normally, your body cannot make this precious blood glucose regulating mineral, and it should be supplied by your diet.

If you take a chromium supplement, it should be safe and effective in
replenishing depleted chromium levels. Niacin-bound chromium or as it is called chromium polynicotinate has a good effect and safety profiles

To get your own diabetes recovery program working for you, kick the corn habit and fuel your body with chromium supplements that will help keep your blood sugar levels normal.

There's no recommended dietary allowance for chromium. But 50-200 micrograms daily is the "estimated safe and adequate daily dietary intake" for adults. Here are some food content of Chromium:

onions, raw --- 1 cup contains 24.8 mcg Chromium
broccoli ------ 1 cup contains 22.0 mcg Chromium
turkey leg ---- 3 oz. contains 10.4 mcg Chromium
tomatoes, raw - 1 cup contains 9.0 mcg Chromium
Romaine lettuce 1 cup contains 7.9 mcg Chromium
grape juice --- 1 cup contains 7.5 mcg Chromium
ham ----------- 3 oz. contains 3.6 mcgChromium
potatoes ------ 1 cup contains 2.7 mcg Chromium
green beans --- 1 cup contains 2.2 mcg Chromium
beef ---------- 3 oz. contains 2.0 mcg Chromium

Good sources of Chromium include
Egg yolks, Molasses, Brewer's yeast, Beef, Hard Cheese, Liver, Fruit Juices, Whole Wheat bread.

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