Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Artificial Sweeteners Raises Blood Sugar The Same Way

University of Liver pool- Press Room

Researchers at the university of Liverpool-UK- found that the sweet taste receptors are present also in the intestine and not only in the tongue.

Dietary sugars absorption is documented to be by a protein - sugar portal or gateway- the activity of which is regulated by the sugar content of foods. In an unknown way, the intestine senses how sweet is the food and consequently opens the sugar gates leading to increased absorption of dietary sugars.

Professor Soraya shirazi-Beechy from the faculty of veterinary Science-Liverpool university- said "Surprisingly we found that the sweet taste receptor was able to to detect artificial sweeteners in foods and drinks resulting in increased capacity of the intestine to absorb dietary sugars, which would explain why these sweeteners are unsuccessful at helping people lose weight.

She added “We are now researching mechanisms in which these receptors can be adjusted to benefit those with diet-related disorders. Diabetes for example, is where the body’s blood sugar level is higher than normal; if we could use the taste receptor like a dimmer switch we could set it so that the appropriate amount of sugar is absorbed in the body.

Jockeys can directly benefit from this discovery - although many of them know it traditionally- and give the race horses dietary supplements before and during the race, so that increased absorption of glucose can offer the high glucose levels horses need in long races.

Diabetics and obese people have to wait until the mechanisms in which these receptors can be adjusted to benefit them, when they can be used to control the amount of sugar that is absorbed.

Finally I am obsessed about a question that is not answered, if all the sweeteners we know will lead to the the same result, why don't we take advantage of the healthy properties of honey and use it as a sweetener?
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