Monday, February 25, 2008

Home-made Recipes for Brite White Teeth

When our teeth are not so brite white, then they have plaque covering. According to "plaque is a microbial community; disease results from the outcome of the interactions among all of the component species. Prevention would be by plaque control".
"The repeated intake of fermentable sugar in the diet produces frequent conditions of low pH in plaque which inhibits the growth of many of the species associated with dental health, and selects for the highly acidogenic (acid-producing) and aciduric (“acid-loving") species, such as mutans streptococci and lactobacilli, associated with dental caries."

Thus, plaque is microbial in nature and its growth depends on the local environment, such as acidity (pH), and Redox potential (Eh). The plaques are not brite white in nature. To control plaque, we either;
1- Remove plaques mechanically through tooth brushing, or
2- Change their surrounding environment, and the easy way is to change pH, which influences Eh as a consequence of selective microbial growth.
Raising the pH values can be easily attained by implementing an alkali. Examples of household alkalis are baking soda and bicarbonate of Sodium. Table salt is neutral yet it can form alkaline salts of the available organic acids, and these salts are readily soluble in water.

Today, I am describing some homemade recipes that can lead to brite white teeth. They involve either one or both of the mentioned ways of controlling plaque.
To prepare them you have to consider the following procedure:
1- Make solids into powder form, and wet materials into paste
2- Use water or better glycerin for its presevative properties (if you make a stock you need to add 25% glycerin to preserve)
3- Mix any with your regular tooth paste in equal amounts for ease of preparation, otherwise you can use them alone

Here are your homemade recipes for brite white teeth:
1- Charcoal is ground into fine powder and mixed with table salt ( You can burn some toast to obtain charcoal). Mix this mixture with your tooth paste, or wet your brush and get some powder in it.
2- Mix honey with your tooth paste
3- Mix Charcoal with some Lemon juice
4- Mix dried Lemon peel with bicarbonate of soda and table salt
5- Sage leaves are pasted with table salt ( you can dry it in the oven and keep it in powder form)
6- Mix Cinnamon powder with honey
7- Mix table salt with your tooth paste

To make it more mouth refreshing, you can add any of these herbs or their essential oils:
Parsley - Lavander - Majoram - Anise - Thyme - Melissa - Peppermint - Rose.

Use them regularly and enjoy brite white teeth.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Natural Quick Burn healing

The Claim: Honey Can Soothe a Burn - New York Times

We can make it even easier and faster by mixing honey with vaseline, to add the benefits of vaseline which is already applied in dressings and gauzes used to treat burns.
Vaseline has the following features:
1- It insulates the skin from the surrounding environment
2- It keeps the skin moisture intact by preventing evaporation
3- It has soothing and emollient effects
4- It reduces the sticky properties of honey

Mix equal portions of honey and vaseline and apply them them on the small burns.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Can Any Cancer Be Diagnosed Through a Hair Sample?

Hair could help diagnose breast cancer - Cancer-

According to Reuters, the investigators in this trial successfully and consistenly generated a basic X-ray diffraction pattern of breast cancer patients, that is different from that of healthy subjects.

Hair is a dead tissue that is composed mainly of protein (alpha-keratin), this keratin structure is maintained by many chemical interactions, but the most important one is the interchain binding through the disulphide bond of Cystine (amino acid), which helps to stabilize it against denaturation (like when the texture of clothes is changed by chemicals or aging).

This disulphide bond existence depends on the oxidation-reduction potential (Redox) of the surrounding tissue, it is different for every tissue and can be changed with different physiological and pathological conditions. The effects of chaotic effects on hair structure can be easily seen in greying hair, when its structure changes permitting it to entrap air, giving that glassy appearance to "White" hair.

Back to our question, can any cancer be diagnosed throgh a hair sample?. I think that investigators can RESEARCH hair for the pssibility of diagnosing different cancer types.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Parsley,Celery and Bergamot Oil Can also help Vitiligo Patients

Pepper may help disfiguring skin condition - Skin and beauty-

Psoralens are currently used to treat patients with Vitiligo and Psoriasis. They are used as photosenstizers, markedly increasing skin reactivity to long-wavelength ultraviolet radiation 320 to 400 nm, an effect used in photochemotherapy or PUVA [psoralen(P) and high-intensity long-wavelength (u.v.A) irradiation].

Methoxsalen (8-Methoxalen,Ammoidin, or Xanthotoxin) reacts with DNA and inhibits cell division. Methoxsalen may increase pigmentation by an action on melanocytes (pigment producing cells).

Plants that contain psoralens include Ammi majus which contains the above mentioned 8-Methoxsalen, in addition to Parsley, Celery, common Figs, and Bergamot oil which contain 5-Methoxsalen.

Ammi majus (a plant that is cultivated in North Africa) extract is used in Egypt in the form of paint and oral tablets to treat Vitiligo and Psoriasis, since about 40 years ago.The patient applies the paint and exposes himself to the sun for about 30 minutes, or he is exposed to PUVA in a Dermatology clinic.

The oral form has a heavy impact on the disordered liver, leading to severe complications as experience about its use accumulated. There is a report of pruritus, pigmentation and tendency to sunburn in a 70-year old woman with chronic liver disease after eating about 170 g of Parsley, which contains 5-Methoxysoralen, daily for 30 years (British Medical Journal,1982,285,1719).

The new finding expands the base of the choice, yet it is the same idea.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How Can Zero Calories Increase Weight

Lab study ties artificial sweetener to weight gain - Diet and nutrition-

The researchers said sweet foods may prompt the body to get ready to take in a lot of calories as glucose receptors in the gut open, but when sweetness in the form of artificial sweeteners is not followed by a large amount of calories, the body gets confused, which may lead to eating more or expending less energy than normal.

Consequently, if you drink a glass of water that contains artificial sweetener and zero calories, this will provoke your body to eat more!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It is the Behavior of Diet Soda Drinkers that is Linked to Metabolic Syndrome

Symptoms: Metabolic Syndrome Is Tied to Diet Soda - New York Times

In his comment on the new findings of this research, Dr Lyn Steffen said "Why is it hapening? Is it some kind of chemical in the diet soda,or something about the behavior of diet soda drinkers?", and I think it is both.

Artificial Sweeteners present in diet soda raises blood sugar the same way. Yet, the more important thing, is the behavior of the diet soda drinkers, since they tend to drink and eat alot of processed foods that basically contain refined grains and their derivatives, and many of those foods admit frying as the main procedure as a processing technique.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Milk or Honey is Better for Our Therapy?

Medicine From Milk: Gene Therapy Transforms Goats Into Pharmaceutical Factories

In the above mentioned link news, researchers have used gene therapy to reduce the costs of producing therapeutic proteins, such as insulin, by reducing the time and costs it takes to breed animals capable of producing such proteins.

When we look at other foods that bear health benefits that may be utilized in a comparative way, honey comes first to our minds. Honey is a nutritional syrup that has a vast variety of health benefits that were known for thousands of years, and now it has been recognized by the peoples of the developed countries.

Even better, honey can be utilized as a vehicle of high health value, of other natural ingrdients that add more health benefits, and both can be used as is without industrial processing.

Researchers from the former Soviet Union, tried adding some nutritional supplements to the feed of honey bee, 30-40 years ago with good positive effects. They added fruits, vegetables, milk or its fats, egg yolk, and yeast. They added some plant extracts, like Gentian, Carrots and Beet. Moreover, they added synthetic vitamins, antiseptics, and antibiotics. They had found that adding these additives to the feed of bees (sugar), produced positive effects on both the bees and their produced honey.

Examples of the effects of the additives on the bees:
1- Gentian fed bees were found to increase ovulation,and consequently bees population.
2- Antibiotics fed bees were found to increase honey production (isn't that true in livestock animals and poultry?)

Examples of the effects of additives on the produced honey:
1- There are large changes in physical properties like color, odor,and condition (honey may solidifies), as well as taste.
2- Its content of vitamins has largely increased, e.g. Carrots fed bees produced honey with a high content of vitamin A, not to ignore the vitamins fed bees.

Finally, the new research is about goat genes and production of milk, yet milk is the vehicle in which the therapeutic agents are produced. Why don't we put honey on the map of research, so that we get its health benefits together with other natural ingredients, and both are used without industrial processing?

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