Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How to Choose Products for your Oily skin

Do you have an oily skin? upset about that greasy feeling and the dirt that accumulates on your face? do you quit any flash photography?

The good news is that this oily skin tends to be less likely to show wrinkles and other aging signs compared to other skin types.This is because this oil acts physically as a natural moisturizer that keeps water in your skin making it more supple and flexible, so as to form less wrinkles.

Knowing this fact and leaving excess oil over your skin will lead to clogged pores, blackheads, and accumulation of dead skin cells with the net result is undesired result. You will have (sallow)-looking complexion, and very likely large visible pores.

Totally drying up your skin and degreasing it by too much washing can make things worse, since your oil glands will compensate for by producing more sebum (a natural skin lubricant and moisturizer).

Then what you have to do about this problem that needs that delicate balance?. Well. you should keep in mind that it will take some time for your skin to get into shape as far as being less greasy, but you have to pay some effort and discipline.

Here are some tips that help you take care of your oily skin:

1- Use very mild detergent or surfactant for cleansing. Avoid those containing fats that increase the oily condition you already have(e.g.Squalene,Shea butter). Cleanse at least 2 times a day and or after coming from outside but do not scrub hard, just a slight pressure from you finger.

2- Use a lotion for moisturizing (no creams or oils). Choose it to contain small amount of AHAs (alph hydroxy acids) to gently remove your skin dead cells, as well as compensate for the drying effect of the cleanser

3- Use a mild toner to remove excess oil on your face. Avoid the alcohol-based products to avoid the vicious cycle of drying- overproduction-drying of oil.

4- Choose oil-free products for your make up, avoid comedogenic products that will clog your pores. Some foundation products are designed to absorbing oil, and this controls the day shiny look

5- T use sunscreen, choose it in the gel form

6- If you suffer severe breakouts of acne, use moisturizer and cleanser that contain that contain a mild amount of Salicylic acid to clear your skin.

7- Think about your diet, a lot of Sweet,starchy and oily foods may aggravate your naturally oily skin. Eat more fruits, vegetables, and grains, drink a lot of water (8 glasses a day)

8- Do not forget your vitamins, especially vitamins A,E,C, and B complex

If you take a good care of your oily skin now, the benefits of less wrinkled,dry skin will follow you years later.

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Bennett Kankuzi said...

I have oily skin and I am gonna try your tips. Sometimes oily skin is annoying. Thanks for the tips! Keep on blogging!

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