Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How to eat during pregnancy if you have Gestational diabetes

If you have never complained extreme thirst, hunger, and fatigue and you only recognized them at any stage during pregnancy, then chances are you will be diagnosed to have gestational diabetes, which in most cases will go away after delivery, as it involves resistance by the body's tissues to the effects of insulin. 3-12 % of all pregnant women
may develop gestational diabetes between week 24 and 28 of their pregnancies.

If you are diagnosed to have gestational diabetes, you should maintain your blood sugar within the normal range for pregnancy. To achieve that you should eat all the day within the following scheme:

# Eat no less than 10 servings every day of whole fruits and vegetables
that are more nutritious and less calorie dense than dried fruits and juices. Increase your fiber intake and eat whole grains and dried beans.

# Avoid foods that are known to be high in cholesterol, so that your daily intake of cholesterol should not exceed 300 mg/day.

# Avoid Soda and fruit drinks which usually contain high content of sugar. Minimize alcoholic beverages to the least.

# When shopping read the labels carefully to make sure they fulfil the follow inf criteria:
* No more than 10 percent of your total daily calorie intake should come from saturated fat. Buy foods with less than 1 gram of saturated fat per serving.
* No more than 5% of the "daily value" per serving (less than 140 mg of
sodium per serving). Avoid too much salt.

Keep your blood sugar level as possible as you can to be consistent after and between meals. Learn what type, amount and time of the meals
you eat through the day that keeps blood sugar level within a consistent range. You may need to keep due diligence with your dietitian or doctor
to consult him about any change you need to do.

After all, those recommendations help you keep your body within a normal built, and overcome any health hazard accompanying pregnancy like overweight and or gestational diabetes.

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