Saturday, January 31, 2009

Homemade Natural Vaseline

Vaseline is a part of Oil (Petroleum), it is composed of long-chain saturated hydrocarbons. Both Vaseline and plastics are derivatives of oil, and they are both impermeable to water. Do not wrap your skin and learn how you can make your own natural product.


- 1/4 .................. Almond oil
- 1TBSP ................ Beeswax

- Mix the oil and grated wax in a microwavable bowl and microwave at 30 seconds increments (it takes about 2 minutes until just melted). Or you can melt over a low heat in a double boiler.
- Mix the resultant mixture in a mixer
- Pour into a suitable vehicle (you can use your old cleaned container)
- Let to cool and cover the jar

Now you have your natural fatty base, and you can elaborate to include any oil or any additives, Examples:

Baby Vaseline:

- 1/4    ................. Olive oil
- 1TBSP ............... Chamomile oil
- 1TBSP ............... Aloe Vera oil
- 1TBSP ............... Beeswax (grated)

Go through the same procedure to make the best soothing agent for your baby skin. Use it for his body especially the napkins area. You can also use Castor oil, Sesame oil, or a mixture of the 3 oils.

Hallows Vaseline:

- 1/4 UP .............. Olive oil
- 1TBSP ............... Wheat Germ oil
- 1TBSP ............... Beeswax (grated)
You can also use vitamin E. Apply to the dark areas under your eyes

Lip Gloss with Different Flavors:

While you are making your natural Vaseline, add Cocoa Powder, Strawberry, Raspberry, or Blueberry drink crystals, or Berry flavored Kool-aid (with sugar already added), and stir well to combine. Pour into the original cleaned old pot (or any other clean one) and let cool until set.

Honey Lip Gloss:

Combine 3 tablespoons of your made Vaseline with one teaspoon of honey, and use the same procedure to melt and let cool.

You can use different flavors like Alkanet root, Cherry flavoring oil, peppermint oil, Coffee grinds .... etc, with any type you like.

With practice, you may be also capable of making your own cream. Any cream consists of a fatty base, emulsifier (soap-like material and you can actually use soap), stabilizer (Gum or Starch like material), and water. Practice and keep visiting this blog, chances are you can make your own cosmetics.... sell them? may be.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Tips to Get Rid of Hair Product Buildup

If you comb or brush hair and get flaky powder along the hair shaft, this is not dandruff and more likely it is a buildup problem that causes your hair to look and feel dull and lifeless.

Probably you use too much products on your hair, since these products build up over time. Styling hair by using mousses, gels, hairsprays, non-water soluble waxes, 2 in 1 shampoos, or
applying gel in a blob may cause that buildup. They should form a sheath around your hair shaft to style it, with time they form a layer that gives your hair that appearance.

Tips to defeat Hair Product Buildup

- Use the above mentioned products sparingly
- Apply the spray further away from the hair about 15 cm ( 6 inches)
- Work gel around your hand before putting it through your hair
- Get old fashioned 2 steps of shampoo and conditioner
- Rinse with Apple cider vinegar
- Add a bit of washing up liquid to your shampoo every so often
- Use a detox shampoo
- Use a good clrifying shampoo once a month
- Switch shampoo brands every few weeks ( don't listen to them)
- Use baby shampoo and add a teaspoon of either wine vinegr or Lemon juice
- Scrub your sculb with baking soda mixed with water, or add some to a handful of your shampoo
- Put tea tree oil in your hair, but the pine smell will be strong for weeks. You can use tea tree oil shampoo
- Use a product that contains horehound, oakmoss, and patchouli to detoxify your hair
- Mix a tablespoon of Bicarbonate of Soda to a handful of your shampoo and wash it as usual

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tips For Hair Loss In Women

That tissue that is formed of dead cells with no function in the body, is very important to women as it is their natural crown. They feel depressed if they lost it. Hair loss that we are concerned with is the hair over the scalp, it only represents 2 percent of all the hair over the body.
Women try every means including laser to remove any hair that is not present over the head.
In 95 percent of cases of both men and women, it is a common hereditary condition, caused by what is called androgenetic alopecia.

In the old days when pharmacies were mostly using the mortar to dispence medicines, there was a remarkable topical mixture that was composed of the alkaloid Pilocarpine, or any plant containing it like Jaborandi, Salicylic acid, Tar and Panthenol. it worked sometimes.

Loss of hair is treated by either :
* oral anti-estrogens like:
- Spironolactone (Aldactone A)
- Cyproterone Acetate
- Finasteride ( 5 alpha reductase inhibitor)

* And/or the topical Minoxidil 2%, or Minoxidil 5% which is not FDA approved.

Neither of these treatments are cures, and the hair gained from their use will be lost within months of stopping the treatment.

Here are some tips that were gained through experience, which you may try them to help reduce the intensity of the case:

- Remove all you can of the undesired hair
- Eat more protein during the time you suffer from hair loss
- Use a shampoo that contains protein, specially Keratin
- Use a shampoo that contains tar (pine tar or coal tar). Be aware that it may affect the stability of dyed hair color
- Take some supplements that contain Biotin, minerals specially, Iron, and Zinc and may also contain panthenol
- If you have the oral medicines you can make a topical solution, by grindin the tablets in 1 strip and adding them to 100 ml of either Olive oil or alcohol (Vodka)
- Macerate 1 teaspoon of hot chillis in 100 ml of Olive oil for 2 days, rub the head skin with this mixture daily

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