Monday, February 25, 2008

Home-made Recipes for Brite White Teeth

When our teeth are not so brite white, then they have plaque covering. According to "plaque is a microbial community; disease results from the outcome of the interactions among all of the component species. Prevention would be by plaque control".
"The repeated intake of fermentable sugar in the diet produces frequent conditions of low pH in plaque which inhibits the growth of many of the species associated with dental health, and selects for the highly acidogenic (acid-producing) and aciduric (“acid-loving") species, such as mutans streptococci and lactobacilli, associated with dental caries."

Thus, plaque is microbial in nature and its growth depends on the local environment, such as acidity (pH), and Redox potential (Eh). The plaques are not brite white in nature. To control plaque, we either;
1- Remove plaques mechanically through tooth brushing, or
2- Change their surrounding environment, and the easy way is to change pH, which influences Eh as a consequence of selective microbial growth.
Raising the pH values can be easily attained by implementing an alkali. Examples of household alkalis are baking soda and bicarbonate of Sodium. Table salt is neutral yet it can form alkaline salts of the available organic acids, and these salts are readily soluble in water.

Today, I am describing some homemade recipes that can lead to brite white teeth. They involve either one or both of the mentioned ways of controlling plaque.
To prepare them you have to consider the following procedure:
1- Make solids into powder form, and wet materials into paste
2- Use water or better glycerin for its presevative properties (if you make a stock you need to add 25% glycerin to preserve)
3- Mix any with your regular tooth paste in equal amounts for ease of preparation, otherwise you can use them alone

Here are your homemade recipes for brite white teeth:
1- Charcoal is ground into fine powder and mixed with table salt ( You can burn some toast to obtain charcoal). Mix this mixture with your tooth paste, or wet your brush and get some powder in it.
2- Mix honey with your tooth paste
3- Mix Charcoal with some Lemon juice
4- Mix dried Lemon peel with bicarbonate of soda and table salt
5- Sage leaves are pasted with table salt ( you can dry it in the oven and keep it in powder form)
6- Mix Cinnamon powder with honey
7- Mix table salt with your tooth paste

To make it more mouth refreshing, you can add any of these herbs or their essential oils:
Parsley - Lavander - Majoram - Anise - Thyme - Melissa - Peppermint - Rose.

Use them regularly and enjoy brite white teeth.

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