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These Foods Cure Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids don't last long and can be relieved with care at home, and people with them have excellent prognosis. We give you some food-made home treatments to make prognosis even better, so that you get rid of flare-ups of bleeding or discomfort from time to time.

To be aware of hemorrhoids earlier, we give you a brief discussion about the whole problem.

What are hemorrhoids :Hemorrhoids are dilated, blood-filled, painful veins in the rectum. According to the anatomical distribution of veins, hemorrhoids can be classified into:
1-Internal hemorrhoids which is formed of swollen internal veins which unless they are severe, they cannot be seen or felt.
2-External hemorrhoids which are formed of swollen external veins which can be seen around the outside of the anus and, in many times can be felt.

The 3 main ailments that can be associated with hemorrhoids are; Constipation, Liver diseases, and Pregnancy, where there is increased pressure that leads blood to pile-up in the hemorrhoid veins causing them to swell.Hemorrhoids are very common and have been estimated to occur in up to half the population by age 50.

How do you feel hemorrhoids ;Unless the internal hemorrhoids are severe, you can only know that you have external hemorrhoids, when you see bright red blood topside the stools, or dripping into toilet. It is not long lasting bleeding. External hemorrhoids can be classified into 2 types :
1- Prolapsed hemorrhoids :
It is formed when the internal hemorrhoids swell and then extend through the anus, from outside. Itching in the anus may develop from prolapsed hemorrhoids.Many times you can solve the problem by rubbing them with Castor oil and pushing them back through the anus. If the hemorrhoids cannot be pushed back, then they may swell even more , and you need to see a doctor.
2- Thrombosed hemorrhoids :
The stagnant blood in hemorrhoids may form a clot leading to more swollen hemorrhoids and causing an increased pain, which is worsened by bowl movement or sometimes with sitting. This also may require a doctor's examination and treatment

In general, if there is bleeding, prolapsed hemorrhoids that does not go back through the anus, or if you feel a significant pain from hemorrhoids, you should see your doctor. A special care should be considered, if you are over 40 and have a family history of Colon Cancer.

Self-Care at home is recommended by doctors :
Procedure of treatment of hemorrhoids, most of the time is conservative and performed at home.There are certain measures to be considered for a hemorrhoids patient including:

1- Sanitary control :
Hemorrhoids occurring in an extremely difficult place, should receive a special hygienic care, this include :
# Hot sitz baths: A sitz bath is recommended 3 times a day and after each bowl movement for at least 15 minutes (sitting in a few inches of warm or luke water).
# Be sure to thoroughly dry the skin and the anus after each bath so that it does not rub and becomes torn
# If these antiseptic solutions are sold OTC in your country,they are helpful for thoroughly cleansing:
* Potassium Permanganate solution 1:8000.
* Povidone-Iodine 10% solution (Betadine) .

Dietary :
1- Drink more water and eat more leafy green vegetables.2- Increase the amount of bran and fibers in your diet.

Stool Softener :
Laxatives of different sorts have been used to ease excretion of stools. Laxatives that produce watery stools that may cause infection in the anus should be avoided.

Sitting Restrictions :
Some doctors recommend their patients not to sit for a long period of time, and some people feel more comfortable sitting on an air doughnut.

Over-The-Counter medications :
Many creams, ointments, and suppositories are sold as medicines and pain relievers for hemorrhoids in many countries. Some of them contain corticosteroids and might cause the hemorrhoids to take longer to heal, so consult your doctor first.

Use These Food Remedies:

l- Eat 1 teaspoonful fenugreek seeds daily. Boil the seeds to soften it and if you do not like its taste , boil it repeatedly. Also you can mince the softened seeds in your mixer with your preferred flavor whether sweet or spicy. It will soften your stool normally without any need to other laxatives.

- Use Lemon regularly to treat hemorrhoids.

ll- The following foods are made into cream like preparation using plants and oils. Should you feel more satisfied about its consistency, mix it with your OTC cream:

1- Roasted Caraway seeds are ground and powdered on the hemorrhoids.

2- Eggplant + Bitter Almond + Green Almond + Olive oil. Boil all ingredients and paste them into a cream like base. Mince if you need.Apply locally.

3- Grilled Onion is pasted with Olive Oil. Apply locally.
# Onion may be sliced and mixed with honey, put on a cotton pad and applied,
leave for 2-3 hours.
# Onion and Garlic may be chopped, put on a cotton pad for 3-4 hours then
applied on hemorrhoids.
4- Chamomile flowers+ Olive oil. Boil until charring the Chamomile,then filter and apply the remaining oil after washing and drying the anus.

5- Kale juice + Aloe gel. Mix and apply locally every day. You can add Olive oil to this mixture.

6- Unripe green walnut shell + Olive Oil. Boil until the shell is completely rut, mince, paste and apply it locally.

7- Apply some baking soda to help with the itch from the hemorrhoids.

8- Mix grounded Bayberry, Golden seal root, Myrrh, and white Oak with some Vaseline, and apply them to relieve pain in the hemorrhoids.

Use 1 oz of each of the recommended ingredients. If you need to increase the amount of an ingredient for a better consistency, increase the oil amount.

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