Sunday, May 20, 2007

The DCA Cancer Cure Hot Debate and the Truth

What is this hot debate of DiChlororAcetate (DCA) all about? and where is the truth? This article deals with the debate and the truth.

The story begins from Canada where Dr Evangelos Michelakis, a professor at the University of Alberta, published an article about his findings about DCA , and that he found it causes regression in several cancers including lung, breast, and brain tumors, here:

Dr Len Lechtenfeld, a deputy chief medical officer for the American Cancer Society said that he does not know the researcher but the University is a recognized , established university. He explained the possible side effects of DCA and its parent compound, telling his experience about false hopes given to cancer patients, and advising people to be prudent and patient about any new claim, here

Watching the storm the Internet is taken by, we may consider the following aspects:
1- Dr. Michelakis's article was seemingly directed to the public, giving the scholars (and non-scholars sometimes) the opportunity to find conventional hints from the scientific point of view.

2- The whole situation is critical, since it deals with a miracle for desperate people who are not concerned with the scientific debate, yet some of them may have been painfully suffered fake claims.

3- When we set DCA aside from the debate about its direct implementation as a cancer cure, and verify the claimed effect of deactivating the glycolytic and activating the mitochondrial energy production pathways, it would represent the clue to cure all cancers, since we would deal with cancer as a metabolic disease, instead of the massive destruction weapons we are using now with or without incomplete success.

4- DCA being non patent drug, has created a buzz about the concern of the pharma co's, while if the Structure Activity Relationship (SAR) is validated, we shouldn't worry about the concern of pharma co's, and see these names for different patented drugs that treat erectile dysfunction; Sildenafil, Tadalfil, and Verdenafil.

Would we reject the slightest hope of conquering a devil enemy like cancer?

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