Monday, June 09, 2008

Causes of Morning Sickness

Causes of morning sickness revealed - Pregnancy-

If there are other animals known to experience morning sickness, it would not have represented such a problem to medical research. Today's scientific analysis states that morning sickness acts as a defense mechanism the human body evolved to to keep away from dangerous chemicals.

The analysis depended on these facts:

1- No other mammals experience morning sickness and this excludes the probability of a reaction between mother and embryo.

2- The morning sickness triggering factors are related to agents known to harm the human body, examples;
- Sight, smell, or taste of foods that are historically likely to contain foodborne microbes or birth-defect-inducing chemicals
- Alcohol and cigarette smoking

3- The wide range of foods humans eat in comparison to mammals has recalled for a mechanism that keeps dangerous chemicals out of the body, aka, vomiting.

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