Saturday, April 19, 2008

Do Not Promote Extreme Thinness or You May Be Imprisoned!

France may ban promoting extreme thinness - Women's health-

If this bill is legeslied by the Senate in France, the judge will have the power to to imprison and fine offenders up to $47,000 if found guilty of “inciting others to deprive themselves of food” to an “excessive” degree.

This will necessarilly will create about the very low calorie diets. In fact thinning is not tied to a health issue, on the contrary it may be harmful for the general heath. The impact of very low calorie diets on health is dicuused in some detail in the following articles:

1- Why Fight your body to Lose Weight, Just Count 2000 Calories
2- Very Low Calorie Diets
3- Eating 1200-Calories a Day ?

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