Saturday, June 02, 2007

Foods for Sex

Man always seeks out any thing that can improve his sex performing ability. He had tried an endless number of recipes composed of all and every thing that can be eaten, until he found something that made him face the situation of declined ability before the Viagra era.

When we revise these recipes in view of the scientific findings, we find the following remarks :
1- Many of these recipes have high content of cholesterol, the starting material of steroid hormones (corticosteroids & sex hormones) and both are required for a normal sex performance, specially when declined.

2- Honey is added to almost all recipes. Honey is a good source of minerals and trace elements, some of which are required for optimal activity of many enzymes. When present in sufficient amounts it is a preservative.

3- These recipes imparted its characteristics on the nutritional life style of some people for generations. People ignored what cholesterol is and what risk it represents for heart health, as well as they ignored the effects of Garlic, Onions, and Nuts in these recipes on lowering blood cholesterol and minimizing its risks.

4- Many of these recipes contain ingredients that some of them have negative, and others have positive nutritional values, and we don't know whether they are neutral to health or not without clinical trials made on them when they are present in combination.

5- The effect of these recipes is not typically the same for all people depending on individual variations in genetics and nutrition.

6- Whether you use these recipes or not is up to you to decide, in the same way you decide to eat or not Shrimps, Oyester and Lobster and all are of high cholesterol content. The good news is that the doses are not as big as when used as meals, moreover, there are numerous recipes for you to chose the most appropriate ones, and many recipes are of good health benefits.

7- Dairy, Nuts, Seeds, and Garlic are rich sources of L-Arginine. L- Arginine is an amino acid that acts as the starting material for producing Nitric Oxide (NO) the end product of the nerve impulse which is the target of pharmacological action of Viagra.

8- Some of these recipes may have unusual taste, you can find Garlic mixed with honey, and Onions mixed with egg yolk, and you can customize their taste to be more palatable and convenient. I think adding some foods having strong taste like Cloves or Cinnamon may not change their effects that much.

Milk :
# Cow milk 2 pounds + Ginger powder 100 grams :
Gently heat until the consistency becomes thick (like honey).
Take 1 teaspoonful in the morning before breakfast.

# Cow or Goat milk 1 pound + Garlic paste 50 grams + Butter(molten) 50 g+ Honey 1 pound:
Gently heat all the ingredients except honey which is added finally when the ingredients are thick. Take 1 TBS in the morning.
This is the most potent known aphrodisiac recipe.

Onions :
# Onion juice 100 ml + Cress juice 100 ml + Butter 50 g + Honey 1 pound :
Mix all ingredients and gently heat until the mixture regains the consistency of honey. Take 1 tbs in the morning.This recipe is of utmost activity as aphrodisiac.

# Onion juice 100 ml + Honey 1 pound :
Gently heat until the mixture regains the consistency of honey.Take 1 TBS daily. Taken for 15 days, this mixture is said to lower blood pressure (certainly it does not replace conventional medication).

# Egg yolk + chopped onion + Butter 20 grams :
Fry and eat with breakfast.

Miscellaneous :
# Honey 1 pound + Cloves powder 25 grams :
Mix and take 1 TBS before breakfast.

# Honey 1 pound + Almond (non-salted) 50 grams + Mixed nuts 50 grams :
Mix them your way and use freely.

# Honey 1 pound + Celery juice 100 ml :
Gently heat to evaporate extra water and the honey regains its consistency.

# Celery bruised 50 grams + Butter 25 grams.You can add honey.

# Flax seeds 50 grams + honey 100 ml :The seeds are crushed then roasted and pasted with honey and some black pepper.

# Hummus 100 ml + Honey 100 grams :Hummus is soaked in some water over night, then filtered and the filtrate is mixed with honey and gently heated to evaporate excess water, and the honey regains its consistency. Eat the soaked Hummus.

# Hummus 50 grams - Water Cress juice 100 ml - Butter 20 grams - Mixed nuts (non-salted) 30 grams + Honey 50 grams + Cinnamon 5 g +Cloves 5 grams + Cardamon 5 grams.

1- Hummus is soaked in Cress juice, then after swollen, filtered and dried.
2- The dried bean is powdered and gently heated with butter.
3- Add the smashed nuts to this sauce and then pasted with honey.
4- The paste is gently heated and added to it 1 teaspoon of each of Cinnamon,powdered Cloves and Cardamon.
5- When used it can be mixed with warm water.

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