Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Free Weight Watcher (WW) Users Review

Before we see what the users of Weight Watcher(WW) say about using it, we better recognize some properties of the diet itself. WW diet does not deal with cutting down any of the major categories of food, rather it deals with portion size. Here is more information that describes the plans of the diet,as came in www.wikipedia.com :
The Flex Plan:
Under this plan, participants are assigned a set number of points to consume per day based on their current weight. The number of points allowed may be increased with exercise. The "Flex" part of the plan is that several additional points are allotted (which is not based on weight) that can be used or not used during the week.
The Core Plan:
In part as a response to the popularity of plans like Atkins and South Beach, Weight Watchers has recently developed a separate plan, known as the Core Plan. This plan classifies certain types of food as "core," and permits participants to eat core foods with the restriction that they should only eat these foods "until satisfied, not full." Core foods are a list of healthy foods from all the food groups, including fruits, vegetables, fat free dairy, lean meats, and whole grains. Non-core foods are assigned the usual point values, and participants are given an allotment of 35 non-core points that they can eat in a week.

here is how the users of the diet see its pros and cons:


1- Users of WW see that it is easy to follow.

2- WW promotes behavioural changes to eating/exercise.

3- Users of WW see that they can eat what they want in moderation.

4- WW users gain a healthy life style for life, AND lose weight in the process.

5- Users find WW balanced and flexible to different body type needs.

6- WW teaches its users portion control, encourages exercise, and promotes group support.

7- Users say they do not get bored using WW, as it involves a vast variety of foods.

8- Users of WW can survive on a lime time basis.

9- Users see that WW has an excellent coaching and support network.

1- Users of WW would not find rapid results.

2- Users find WW sometimes more focused on women.

3- Users of WW complain its high cost, yet they find it cost effective.

4- Users think that the points system provides a lazier method to losing weight.

5- They find weight loss is slow, they say slower is better than too fast.

6- Users of WW find themselves often hungry.

7- WW users think that you should be strongly committed , otherwise it is easy to stray away from the plan.

8- They find that it is not easy to figure out points for some foods.

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