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Extracts other than Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

Extracts of many plants have been used for their health benefits knowingly or unknowingly, since long time ago. Among these are Tea extract, Celery extract, Grape fruit extract, Mustard extract, Apple cider vinegar, in addition to many other extracts which will be dealt with in this article.

1- Apple cider Vinegar :
Well branded variety should be used to ensure it is natural and pure.You will add 1 tablespoonful of this vinegar to 1 cup of water, mix and take it directly after meals. It is said that it interferes with digestion of foods, but probably the dissolved indigestible carbohydrates (pectins) may hook some nutrients so that they will not be absorbed , yet they are excreted.

2- Grape Leaves :
The extract is prepared by boiling the leaves with water. To make the extract, put 50 grams of washed grape leaves in 1 Liter of water over a quite heat, and leave until boiling, then put it down and leave to cool, clear or filtrate, and take 1.5 cups after meals.If you have the grape leaves powder, you can use 35 grams powder through the same procedure.

3- Fennel :
Extract of the powdered whole plant except seeds is used for weight loss. To make the extract, add 36 grams of the whole plant powder (except seeds) to 1/2 Liter water and put on quite heat until boiling,put down, clear or filter, leave to cool and then take 1 cup after meals

4- Rhubarbs
The extract is prepared by adding 1 teaspoonful of the coarse powder of Rhubarbs with 1 cup of boiling water, and taken as a whole without filtering after directly after meals.

5- Cumin seeds :
The extract is prepared by adding 1/2 teaspoonful of powdered Cumin seeds, and added to a cup of boiling water, stir, add a whole cut Lemon without discarding peel or seeds, cover and leave for 12 hours.The extract is taken before breakfast.

6- Evening Primrose
The extract of this plant is the evening primrose oil, which is a fixed oil and can be taken 1/2 teaspoonful 3 times daily. Thanks to its content of Linolenic acid, Primrose oil is very good for skin health,inflammatory disorders and women health in general.

7- Meadow sweet ( Filipendula Ulmaria) :
It contains flavonoidal and phenolic glycosides, as well as volatile oils. Its extract is prepared by immersing 1 tablespoonful of the plant in 1 cup of boiling water, leave over night , and drink 1 cup of the extract before breakfast.

8- Pineapples
We all know that the extract of the plant is its juice, yet it is better if you eat the whole fruit ( at least 1 fruit day). It contains Bromelin which facilitates digestion of foods.

8- Onions
If you want to take its extract , take 1 tablespoonful to be mixed with fruit or other vegetable juices. Nevertheless, eating onions as a whole may present the same effect.

9- Lady's Mantle :
The whole plant powder is used to prepare the extract.Add 1 teaspoonful to 1 cup of water and boiled , leave to cool, and drink 1 cup after breakfast and another cup after dinner.

10- Celery :
The extract is prepared by making it into juice, yet you can take the whole plant raw with other vegetables, unless you suffer indigestion.

11- Pyres Pears :
I t is the richest fruit with Potassium which can regulate diuresis apart from the harmful laxative and diuretic herbs. Is there a need to make an extract? it is better if enjoy its delicious taste.

As that is said about extracts, we can mention some other plants that are not necessarily taken as extracts, they can be eaten as raw, or added to other foods, they include :

1- Red Pepper :
It is said to boost metabolism. A study was conducted in Oxford, where 1 teaspoonful of red pepper and 1 teaspoonful of Mustard were added to every meal of obese people who eat balanced diet, and the result was that they boosted metabolism by 25%.

2- Chickweed ( Stellaria Media ) :
It contains triterpenoid saponins, coumarins, falvonoids, and vitamin C.It is commonly known to reduce weight. It can be boiled or eaten raw.

3- Walnut :
It is fat rich plant (polyunsaturated fats), yet it contains Serotonin,a key neurotransmitter responsible for satiety feeling, and it is added to marketed supplements of weight loss. One handful of walnut makes you feel not hungry and you do not eat too much, this simple technique was tried for thousands of people successfully.

4- White Radish :It is well known and tried for weight loss.

5- Marrow Courgette :You can eat a lot of this plant without gaining any weight.

6- Plantain :
Plantago ovata - Plantago - Plantago psyllium.
It is well known as a filling material, thanks to its content of mucilaginous substances. Many pills are made containing its seeds and husks.

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