Sunday, January 07, 2007

Keep Healthy Blood Glucose to Maintain your Weight

Blood sugar (glucose) is all what the metabolism is centered about.
Glucose is the only metabolite that can be fermented in our cells to produce energy without the need of Oxygen- although it can also produce energy through oxidation with Oxygen in the mitochondria-, consequently
it is kept in stores for prompt demand either as is in the blood, or as glycogen in muscles.

If the level of glucose in the blood declines, the liver breaks its glycogen down and utilizes other metabolites like Glycerol and Amino Acids to supply glucose to maintain its required concentration in the blood,
and this is why some scientists call the liver a "Glucose gland".

If starvation is extended over a long period of time to reach a state of Mal-nutrition, the result is continued protein waste and this what occurs in Mal-nourished people and in cancer.

During the period of starvation, glucose is not kept abundant in the blood and is produced only when its concentration falls below a certain level, and this in turn may favor the the good response of Insulin receptors to its secretion induced by increased Glucose in the blood, in other words, it maintain a good Insulin sensitivity.

This also highlights how can exercise maintain a normal weight, since Glucose is continuously "sucked" off the blood to meet energy requirements letting no surplus glucose to be built up into fats.

Now, the next question might be how do I ensure to get enough healthy
blood glucose levels to maintain my weight. Well, the safest best will be organic seasonal fruits. Their impact of glucose and fructose- which can be converted into glucose- content in the blood to maintain your weight is the best of all foods, furthermore, you get a bonus in the form of fibers that can naturally cleanse your colon.

There is also the well designed snacks that serve for the same purpose of supplying some little glucose to the blood added to some fibers or beneficial foods like nuts.

Whenever you feel hungry, eat fruits or snacks 4-5 times daily and keep healthy blood glucose to maintain your weight.

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