Friday, November 10, 2006

Shave in 1 Minute

When you wake up late in the morning, you count every minute to avoid getting late at your job.You can quit any routine activity that may keep you late, except that you need to shave. I remember shaving on my way to work using an electric machine with its distressing irritable after-feelings.

Repetition of this procedure over time makes getting-up and going to work a psychological overburden, and either we reduce the number of activities done before going to work, or we change the way we do the 'must-do' activities, and of these activities is to shave.

There are many ways available to shave and all are competing at more smooth shaving, yet all consume some time, I tried them all, creams , foams, gels, electric shaving...etc. I found that the most simple, quick and cheap way is this way that I am affording you.

The Procedure:
1- Prepare your shaving liquid by mixing 2 equal amounts ( up to you ) of water and glycerin ( you can use eau de cologne ).
2- Wet your face with your shaving liquid after washing ( or dry even).
3- Shave using Gillette ll plus, or the similar that has a lubricant strand.
4- Unsatisfied?, repeat in less than a minute.

If you need more easy lubrication, just leave a comment.

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