Friday, November 17, 2006


Adding a site map to my blog was never thought to be written about by me.
I was- and still- writing about health a simplified scientific articles or a humble personal opinion, yet trying to verify my blog and add a site map to it was impossible for me at classic Blogger. I then upgraded to Blogger-beta where verification was much more easier, that was after I had understood that Blogger will never allow uploading any files to its server.

When coming to 'add a site map' step,I found it to be extremely exhaustive hard experiment. It is something out of the scope of my knowledge and interests, because I know nothing about html, and when I tried to add a site map I thought it is a WYSIWYG like posting my blogs, then when I tried the least modifications to cope with what I am asked to do, the PC surprised me with "the opening and closing tags", "the incorrect format'....etc.

I was chained to the computer for hours repeatedly on a trial and error basis, beginning with copy and paste and ending with matching the format with other blogs like "Blogger Tips and Tricks" and "Hakuna Matata" after I read ' html Tags Definitions' in Blogger help. I got frustrated many times and I began thinking to quit the whole thing, because why should I write what nobody would read it.

Finally, the unexpected happened , and I added a site map to my blog!

I feel pity and passion for the same folks who are like I was, and this dictated me to write describing precisely how any one can add the site map to his blog easily and what mistakes to avoid, besides, I may find some of them interested in what I write in my blog, who knows?

Shall we go ?
1- On visiting my blog, click "View" and select "Source", there will be a text document, save it.
(This is to make it more easier, you may just look at it)
3- Go to 'My Account' in google (since you have a blog) and click the 'Webmaster Tools' button.
4- Under ' Add Site' , type in: http://your blog
(DO NOT TYPE IN :www.)
5- You will be asked to verify your site. choose ' add tag', copy it in a text document
to make sure it is the same before pasting it in your 'edit html' page in the head segment just before "b:skin CDATA", you will find other html functions that can't be written here.
6- Modify the text document by typing in your blog name and your blog ID
( you may find it in the address bar if you typed your URL in the address bar.
7- Copy and paste the modified document in the head segment in the html page of your
8- Go to ' Webmaster Tools' again and check verify.
9- After verification, click on ' Add a Site map', and type in :http://your blog ( Neglect any thing written under the window, this is the only format that will get your site map added, and again, do not type in, the www.).

It will be Pending for few minutes to few hours, and if you have implemented every thing right, your site map will be added.
You are done. Congrats.

1- Do not look at the examples given by the 'Webmaster Tools' page.
2- If you are stuck, add another site and never delete one before your site map is added.
3- If for any reason, your site map is not added, keep matching what you do with this schedule and do not try any thing else to keep away from a bitter taste experiment.

Modified on 12/16/2008 :
The format of the site map URL is now:
http://your blog



I tried to follow your map for adding the site map. It did not work. It is not clear to me what you mean by "save" after clicking the source. Save where and in what format. It is also not clear where in the saved document the verification tag should be posted. I tried to upload the saved file but it was rejected on some ground. Could you elaborate again starting from SOURCE?

Waheed Elqalatawy said...

Hi rhadakrishnan,
What I tried to emphathise is that there is no any UPLOAD, it is copy and paste,and here is how:
1- After clicking the source,there is a Notepad document, in its upper-most left corner click "File"
then click "save as"in the dropdown menu, if it is confusing, copy and paste the document in another notepad to modify it.
2- In the saved or copied notepad,copy and paste in the first place(line)in the segment of "head" the given code after you clicked on "add tag".
3- You will begin modification from the fourth line(counting from the top of the document), where you will find my blog name(waheedelqalatawy),replace it with your blog name.
4- In the following lines, every time you find my blog name or blog title, change it to yours.
5- In the last line change my ID number(27819843) to yours, you can get it by typing your URL in the address bar, then look at the address bar for the result.
6- Again, there is no UPLOAD of any thing. You go to blogger dashboard, click"Templates" and then click "edit html", in the segment beginning with (head), you copy and paste the modified document( your notepad). If you do not find (head) title, edit it after the the line:
Remember, your field is the uppermost part of the document.

I hope I made it easier for you,but you can contact me any time for any question:

DestroTheBiggaFigga said...

Thanks for this story Whaled, I looked on all the sources to help on the net, and your method is the only one that will work for're a genius

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