Friday, September 23, 2011

Caveman Diet

Caveman was always lean thanks to his diet plan that was designed by nature. The basic principles were to offer him all food kinds, that did not give him a fat body, and at the same time to keep him doing exercise for the majority of day to get them. He had game, fish, leaves, fruits, nuts, and of course water.

In fact, the basic nutritive elements we need today is coded for in our genes, and these codes were originated from foods that were "on the table" of our ancestors.

What Caveman Diet Did Not Contain

Since cultivation of grains and beans, and cooking the land crops and the agricultural communities, did not begin before 10,000 years ago, caveman did not recognize these items:

- Grains and their products (bread, pasta, noodles ..etc)
- Beans (including string beans, kidney beans, lentils, peanut, peas, and snow-peas)
- Potatoes
- Dairy products
- Sugar
- Salt

Foods Similar to Caveman Diet

Considering the broad lines of caveman diet, we can use the following items to acquire his eating lifestyle:

- Lean meat, fish and chicken
- Eggs
- Fruits
- Vegetables (except potatoes)
- Nuts (all kinds)
- Berries

A helpful tip is to ask yourself before eating any food, is to ask yourself could this food or drink be found in the wild thousands (or millions) of years ago?

Caveman and Water

Actually caveman did not drinkable liquids other than water or the human race would have been eradicated. He had no connection to the internet to advice him not to drink while eating.

Now we are recommended to drink 8 glasses of water every day. Water helps good metabolism, and relives hunger and constipation.

Health Benefits of Caveman Diet

Caveman diet is free of a lot of toxins and "anti-nutrient" like lectins and inhibitory enzymes,
which upon repeated accumulation needs detoxification and cleansing. It is also rich of antioxidants, which guards against the free radicals present in the environment. Now it is found to be of great value for fat loss.


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