Monday, August 01, 2011

How to Get Rid of Acne: Getting Rid of a Weak Enemy

Prepare to get rid of acne in a few days. Although acne is a weak enemy, however there are many myths that makes getting rid of it, a distracted uncomfortable process. Reading this article will convince you that combating acne should not take more than 3-4 days, when understanding well how is it formed
Get rid of "Food Causes Acne" Myth:
As long as the underlying cause of any disease is not well established, any one can claim that certain foods are involved in its cause or exacerbation.
Thus we can find commonly unfavored food categories like, saturated fat, trans fat or high calorie intake, are accused of causing acne, based on observation of sporadic cases and conventional wisdom, and not credible scientific research to prove these claims.
Get rid of any thoughts about food (including chocolate and candy) when dealing with acne.
Get rid of "Acne and Diet" Myth:
Based on a theoretical sense, many diets that can affect hormones like insulin and androgens, or affect inflammation have not yielded sensible results, and more research is still needed to conclude a reliable scientific facts.
Getting Rid of Metabolic Aberrations associated with Acne:
Acne is mediated through some metabolic aberrations (produced by metabolic stress and not genetics), and you should understand them first.
During the teens and early 20's, fat plays a central role in metabolism. During this stage, the body extract energy mainly from fat under the influence of growth hormone.
Fat is also the starting material of synthesis of steroid hormones. Fat is largely supplied to the skin which increases in size greatly in this period of age.
Large quantities of fat are synthesized by the body to meet the needs of energy supply, formation of sex hormones and increased number and activity of sebaceous glands.
Coenzyme A plays a central role in fat (and carbohydrate ) metabolism. It is a part of the starting molecule of fat synthesis in the body, and a part of the starting molecule of the mitochondrial production of energy from both fat and carbohydrate.
The condition of metabolism that is predisposing your body to acne formation, allows existence of surplus fat including sebum in the ducts of the sebaceous glands, which dries up and clogs the skin pores producing acne.
Acne is a greasy situation, and if we increase fat breakdown we can reduce acne.
Get Rid of Acne by using Precursors of Coenzyme A
By now, you get the whole picture of acne formation, and you should have understood that increasing the amounts of available Coenzyme A, leads you to get rid of acne whenever it is formed.
To increase the availability of Coenzyme A, you should increase intake of its precursors orally or locally. I know it, I have been there, and I recommended this for years with great success.
Go read this article to know that Getting rid of acne is no more easier than that. You can get the whole practical picture of treatment to Get Rid of Acne

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