Friday, November 30, 2007

Honey for All wounds

Can honey be used for all wounds? the fact is that honey can be used for all types of wounds, as was revealed by repeated research in the last period.

Honey impregnated cotton gauze to heal all wounds was used by the ancient Egyptians since thousands of years. They put the gauze over the wounds for 4 days needed to heal the wound.

Use of honey to heal all wound types was common to all nations over different ages.They described its use for different types of wounds,either alone or combined with other foods or herbs. In the early 20Th century, researchers started to document honey wound-healing properties, yet introduction of antibiotics temporarily halted its use.

Researchers still not attribute exactly the wound-healing properties of honey to a specified effect. They sometimes attribute them to the osmotic properties of honey, other times they attribute them to its content of a certain constituent like, organic acids, alkali's, minerals,trace elements, or hydrogen peroxide.

Regardless the mechanism by which honey heal wounds, it can be used to heal nearly all types of wounds like:

- Post-Operative Wounds: Surgery should enter the honey trap | Laboratory News

- Diabetes Wounds

- Abscesses and Boils

- Burns

- Ulcers

- Shot wound

- Bone fracture

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