Saturday, October 21, 2006

When Blood Cholesterol Value Equals Zero

What happens if cholesterol in our blood completely vanished, and blood cholesterol value becomes at zero level? Is it possible? and if so, what is its impacton our health?.

If we have theoretically no cholesterol in our blood, this would result in the following consequences:
1- Change in the composition and properties of cell membranes in all the body tissues.
2- No synthesis of vitamin D leading to diminished calcium level in the blood, with its impact on bones, kidney, calcium regulating hormones...etc.
3- No synthesis of steroidal hormones:
# No Corticosteroids with its widespread effects on almost all the body cells, specially under stress conditions.
# No Sex hormones and its sequale of aborted sexual and maternal life ( this is why marine creatures and other foods rich in cholesterol have aphrodisiac properties)
4- No protection from entrance of blood under the inner membranes of the arteries and peeling it off leading to death. Normally, when abraisions and tear are produced in the arteries as a result of rush of blood through constricted arteries or capillaries ( those of the heart first). Cholesterol is a waterproof bandage that the body has designed to cover up the tears and abraisons in the arteries.

Thus, we can easily understand that it is impossible that cholesterol may disappear from the blood. Body supply of cholesterol is a dual one; the intake of external cholesterol with food, and the internal liver synthesis of cholesterol.

Cholesterol normal rate of production is to participate in building cell membranes, insulating nerve cells and synthesizing body hormones.The rational approach of dealing with increased cholesterol levels is to know first why the body has started raising its levels. Yet, having neither this alternative, nor another alternative, we think that something is up, bring it down.

When cholesterol levels were found to be increased with atherosclerosis, a sacred war has begun against cholesterol. The warfare diversified from the food industry and its new fats to the pharmaceutical industry with its new statins. Both has their impact on conception, health and economy of individuals and societies.

In essence, we are still walking the trial and error way of understanding cholesterol in the body, and how to deal with it the perfect way.
For now, eat blueberries, nuts, vegetables, soy derivatives.., and some lobster whenever you need.

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