Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Acne No More

No more distressing cosmetic aspect for teenagers than is acne.
Acne is inflammatory lesions localized on the face, arms and upper part of the chest and back. Acne is emerged as a result of an abnormal response of the skin of male and female teens to normal levels of male sex hormones.The skin that is vulnerable to acne may have predisposing factors like, hypovitaminosis, anemia and inherited pattern of metabolism. Diet may play a role in exacerbation of acne, though not yet certain.

Acne starts through a phenomenon known as"Seborrhoea oleosa" which predisposes skin to acne, seborrhoeic eczema and alopecia. This phenomenon starts by increased secretion of oil by sebaceous glands in the hair follicles present in the skin. As a result, the skin becomes greasy and the oil fills the pores and may solidify to make black heads or "comedones". The oil may build up around the hair and the hair root and becomes infected with bacteria normally present in the skin.The bacteria break down the oil to irritant and inflammatory chemicals which causes redness, pus formation and pain in many acne patients.The pus can be spread deep in the skin either normally or through manipulation or squeezing the spot. This deep rooted inflammation and infection results in scarring and cyst formation frequently seen in acne patients.

Acne may be alleviated by high doses of female sex hormones, and worsened during pregnancy and pre-menstruation times due to hormonal imbalance.
Some dermatology scholars attribute a great part of the problem of acne to the impaired catabolic metabolism of carbohydrates and fats.

From our biochemical background, we know that the key element of catabolism of both carbohydrates and fats is Coenzyme A, which is formed by enzymatic coupling of the vitamin, Pantothenic acid and theamino acid Cysteine.
* Panthenol is better absorbed by the skin and is converted in the body into Pantothenic acid.
* Cysteine can produce some allergic reactions in some patients throughits free -SH group, yet it can be generated from methionine.

Bearing these notions in my mind, I tried solving the problem of acne through supplying the biochemical agents needed to accelerate catabolism of carbohydrates and fats in a local form to acne patients.The formulation revealed marvelous response in tens of acne cases.

Revising the ingredients of the formulation shows how far I put safety in the first position, and these are the ingredients:
* Panthenol(dexPanthenol-USP or d-Panthenol):
It is available in powderand liquid forms in different concentrations. Calculations are made so that the formula contains %2-4 d-Panthenol, e.g. if panthenol %50 is used, we should include what equals 4g panthenol, that means 2 teaspoonful of powder or liquid.
* L-Methionine: it is available in powder form in concentrations up to%99.5. Calculations are made to include %1-2 L-Methionine, that is 1 teaspoonful methionine %99.5.

The Formula
d-Panthenol 2-4%
Chamomile powder 1 %
Aloe vera powder 1 %
Bee honey 20 %
Propolis 2 %
Glycerin 70 %
To be applied once daily on the affected spots.

Another alternative is to add 1g L-Methionine to panthenol cream 50g, few drops Aloe vera liquid, few drops Chamomile oil and 1g Propolis.

Enjoy no more acne.


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The mind of Huy said...

>_> wow where do I get these

Waheed Elqalatawy said...

Hi mind of huy,
You can make them.

The mind of Huy said...

Ok well its been awhile How do I make them >_>

Anonymous said...

One of the most important aspects of acne prevention is to keep the skin clean at all times or as much as possible. Regular bathing is essential. While bathing, be sure to scrub the skin until it is well exfoliated. Be careful not to scrub too hard, as this may irritate and dry out the skin, leading to more outbreaks. You may be better off getting a gently exfoliating product, such as Proactiv skin care when washing to prevent over exfoliation. The skin must remain as dry as possible and not be exposed to excessive perspiration. If you participate in strenuous activities, you will want to remove a sweat soaked shirt after you are done. There is also the factor of what clothes you wear in regard to acne outbreaks. Tight clothing or carrying heavy materials such as backpacks will chafe and irritate the pores and lead to flare-ups by rubbing across the hair follicles. It is advisable to alternate tight fitting clothes with loose fitting ones occasionally and to try alternating backpacks with side packs or handle bags.

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